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Eight clients taking part in 2021 World Junior Tournament

(Edmonton, AB) -- Eight M&T Clients are taking part in the upcoming 2021 World Junior Hockey Championships next week in Alberta.

Forwards Manuel Alberg (Red Bull). J.J. Peterka (Red Bull) and Justin Volek (Ravensburg Tower Stars) will suit up for Germany and will face Canada on Boxing Day, December 26th in Edmonton.

Goaltender Sebastian Wraneschitz (Vienna Capitals) and forward Tim Harnisch (Red Bull) will play for Austria while defenseman Oliver Turan (HC Detva) and goalie Eugen Rabcan (Winnipeg Ice WHL) will dress for Slovakia. Another client who is NCAA-eligible will be playing for Team Switzerland.

Best of luck to all eight clients who will be participating in Alberta over the holidays!



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